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I needed a mobile notary service to help my elderly mom get some legal paper notarized. She currently has no family living near her and finding a mobile notary was essential. I was so fortunate to have found Mike Ashley from the Delaware Notary Association. He was professional, flexible, and extremely helpful. He even dropped the papers in the mail for her after the visit. I couldn't have asked for anything better.  This really was as good as it gets.

Thankyou, Mike!!
Molly B.
San Diego, Ca

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I have worked with Mr. Ashley for many years and have found him professional and positive providing Notarial Services to me in a timely manner.

Roberta S.
Modesto, Ca

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I have known Michael Ashley for over ten years now. How did we meet, but at a National Notary Convention and have stayed in contact with each other through the years.  At the first conference, what I noticed about Michaelwas his thirst for knowledge.  It’s not that he did not know how to do his notary work but how to improve and solve problems as they presented themselves.  Mr. Ashley is a self- motivated individual and wants to always help others.  Even up and beyond his notary function.  But if he is unsure, he will indicate this to you, and help you to search out the information that you are seeking.  Most important, he will NOT give you legal advice, but will guide you to the place to gain this information. Michael belongs to many notary associations to keep current on what his home state and other states are doing in regards to rules and regulations.

My hat goes off for the effort and expense that Michael has gone through to develop his own website to help educate the notaries in his home state.  If a notary from another state contacts him for more information, he has a list of contacts to make sure that notary receives the correct state rules and regulations for the notarization.

Mr. Ashley is a perfect example of being a professional in his performance of notarizations.  People’s lives' sometimes depends on this act to get ahead in theirs.  Having documents notarized is not just a simple act of rubber stamp to paper.  It is one ofthe first lines of defense to fraud for individuals.  You must have complete faith in the person doing this form you.  Michael is a prime candidate in proving this faith to you.  He knows the rules and regulations.  If he feels it is an illegal act, he will not perform it. 

I can go on and on, but I feel Mr.Ashley is one of the best of the best.

Cathy B.
Seattle, Washington

Mike, your website is excellent.  I am impressed with your professionalism and thoughtfulness in your commitment to the office of the notaries public duties and the need for continuing education in Delaware.  I pray for your successful endeavors and I sincerely admire you.  I am thanking you whole heartily for your help regarding my concern and your help.

C. Dager
Wilmington, De

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