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Code of Ethics of the American Society of Notaries 

We, the members of the American Society of Notaries, having accepted the responsibilities of the office of Notary Public, in order to faithfully discharge our duties with both competence and integrity, resolve to adhere to the following standards of conduct: 

  •           To uphold the trust placed in me by the public I serve;
  •         To maintain a professional manner suitable to the office I hold
  •        To treat each individual fairly and equally, with kindness and respect;
  •         To always be satisfied that the individual appearing before me understands the contents of the       document to be executed or oath to be administered before proceeding;
  •        To always satisfy myself as the identity of the individual appearing before me in my capacity as Notary Public;
  •         To not betray the confidence of any individual appearing before me;
  •         To never perform any notarial act in which I am a party in interest or from which I stand to benefit;
  •         To never divulge the contents of any document nor the facts of execution of that document without proper authority;
  •        To keep informed of the law regarding the duties and powers of the office of Notary Public in my jurisdiction and not compromise that law;
  •          To not use the office of Notary Public as a means of financial gain, for myself or others, in any other business or profession;

  •        To exercise extreme care to insure that the notarial seal, stamp and records are kept in a safe place and not used by any other person;
  •        To always conduct myself and perform my duties in a manner which will bring credit to myself, my office and the Society. 

Adopted by: The American Society of Notaries

Board of Directors

May 4, 1980  

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Notary Code of Ethics