​Frequently Asked Questions as Provided by an Outside Source as it Relates to the Notary Public in General: 

Frequently Asked Questions/Education

Please reference the following topics as a basis for your Notarial Duties and Functions.  If you should have any specific questions on any of the topics I would recommend contacting the State of Delaware NotaryPublic office at (302)739-4111 for further guidance.  Their email id as follows: notary@delaware.gov

If you have any general questions/comments please feel free to contact me at the Delaware Notary Association at 302-547-8697 or email me at Mike.DelawareNotary@verizon.net.  As an overall note, please visit the State of Delaware Notary laws periodically (in the notary public section of the State of Delaware website) to stay abreast knowing what we perform as our duties as notaries public. 

Since each state’s notary laws vary, we as Delaware Notaries Public must carefully obey our notary laws set forth by the State of Delaware.  The Delaware Notary Association is providing this education since there is NO mandatory education from the State of Delaware.  

The Delaware Notary Association wanted to provide the following information/topics to develop the skills and confidence in performing any notarial functions.  Lastly, the most important event must occur:  the signer must appear in person before the notary public.  This is the only way the Notary can properly identify the signer and verify that he or she is signing, or has signed, the document willingly, with understanding of its purpose and effect.

Delaware Notary Association