Delaware Notary Association

The Delaware Notary Association is the State of Delaware’s #1 website dedicated to the Professional and Casual Delaware Notaries Public.   It was created and commenced in April, 2010. 

This website is dedicated to serve the Delaware Notary Public with education, supplies, and opportunities to network their notarial experiences and skills and keep up to date about current Notary information since the State of Delaware does NOT currently provide any type of Notary Public education.  The Delaware Notary Association website is a separate entity from the State of Delaware. 

My name is Michael T. Ashley.  I have been a Delaware Notary Public since May, 1999.  I also have active memberships to other Notary Public organizations, associations and have listings in Notary Public and Social Media websites to advertise services and the Delaware Notary Association. 

Upon becoming a Notary Public here in Delaware, I successfully completed some basic and advanced course offerings from some of the leading notary public organizations.  These were wonderful BASIC study courses.  In addition I keep current with the State of Delaware Notary Public laws.  This has made me very aware of what are the authorized duties a Notary Public can and cannot perform in Delaware.  It is very important to stay up to date with the State of Delaware notary laws that can be found on the State of Delaware website.  The Delaware Notary Association expands beyond the BASIC Notary information found and narrows in specifically to what the Delaware Notary Public can perform.  There is a great and concise “Delaware Handbook” which informs each Delaware Notary what Notarial duties that can be performed here in the State of Delaware. This handbook is a great resource to have handy and can be purchased through the American Society of Notaries (ASN). 

You can view the current Notary Public laws on the State of Delaware website:

Once on the website, do an internal search for “Notary Public”.  At that point you will have options to pick to choose from. 

It is my first goal that the Delaware Notary Association be a local association for the Notaries Public of Delaware.   When documents are notarized by the Delaware Notary Public, the client and public can be assured that the signer has been properly identified, and any receiving party can be assured that the document has been signed properly.  

Secondly, we can encourage and promote the Delaware Notary Public has the Expertise and Exposure needed to provide the public with the best notarization possible.  

Thirdly, my goal is to promote the Delaware Notary Public by marketing their professional expertise to the public.  There are individuals, businesses and corporations looking for a Delaware Notary Public.  The clients may come from outside the State of Delaware but still need their services; whether it be notarizing a paper document or notarizing a document electronically.  You can check out the other Notary Public Organizations in the Notary Public section within the State of Delaware website and if interested in becoming a member of any association(s), your information will be included on that website to promote your exposure as a Notary Public outside of the Delaware Notary Association.  Feel free to browse the other associations to broaden your Notary knowledge.  Also, getting exposure in promoting and marketing your Notary services, consider reaching out through Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Yelp.  Each have a section for a basic listing, FREE of charge or advertise for a fee for greater exposure. 

This association can serve as the “Delaware Notary Public Reference Center”.  This is where Delaware Notaries Public can share their notary experiences, knowledge, questions, or comments with other notaries.  I can broadcast this information on the website for all to take notice under the “FAQ” section of the Delaware Notary Association website. 

This is a place where you can ask your notarial questions, raise your concerns, share your experiences and knowledge so no one needs to reinvent the wheel.  We, your Delaware Notary Association will do our best to get you the best and most accurate answers or procedures as it relates to the Delaware notarial law.  This form dialog is very important and beneficial to all members.  These topics will then be placed on our website to share with all Delaware Notaries.  The Delaware Notary Association can provide general opinions/comments.  If you have a specific detailed question on how to proceed on a specific issue you can contact the State of Delaware notary public office at (302)739-4111, Opt #3.  The person who answers the phone can give you your detailed answer on how to proceed. 

The Delaware Notary Association welcomes your comments, thoughts and suggestions that can improve the Delaware Notary Association.  Please send any inquiries to: 

“Contact Us” now to broaden your knowledge of your notarial duties, questions or concerns and the Delaware Notary Association and make it the best it can be.  This can be done by email: ,, by phone: (302)547-8697 or via the website under the heading “Contact/Question”.

Revised: 12/23/2018